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Order high-quality printed self-adhesive stickers or labels with your own design and in the shape you want. Stickers and labels can be printed on white or clear standard foil or the highest quality foil with matte or glossy laminate, so it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Premium foil of the highest quality is often used for long-term advertising, for a long-term decoration of cars or marking machines. We provide a guarantee of up to 7 years.

Just select a foil type and then specify which laminate type you want: glossy or matte.

Contour and / or figure cutting

If you order stickers or labels with contour cutting, it is important that the cutting line is integrated into the work file when you upload your print files. Otherwise, you can choose the shape of the sticker or label: square, with rounded corners or oval.

Stickers are printed in CMYK colors with printing on one side (4 + 0 colors). Small labels are supplied on A4 sheets.

Please note that the prices in our online store are exclusive of VAT and subject to the fact that we receive files that are ready to print. Recommended file formats: Pdf, eps, tiff and jpg.

If you need graphical help, you can get more information on our graphical help page .


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